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Wedding Information

Below you will find answers to your questions about Thorncrown Chapel weddings. Click on the tabs to find what you are looking for. To schedule weddings please call our office at 479-253-7401. We look forward to hearing from you.



The fees for a 1½ hour reservation of the chapel or worship center are listed below. (The Worship Center is our larger building. For pictures please see our photo gallery.) Your time includes one half hour before your wedding is scheduled and one hour for your service and pictures.

If a rehearsal is essential (In case of a large wedding with musicians, many bridesmaids and groomsmen,etc.), you may rent either facility for one hour. Our chapel minister or host will attend your rehearsal to help you coordinate your ceremony. There will be an additional charge of $400, and reservations must be made for the rehearsal as well as the wedding.

Thorncrown Chapel  
Saturday Weddings $800
Sunday through Friday $645
Worship Center  
Just the couple $400
One to ten guests $450
Eleven to fifty guests $500
51 to 100 guests $600
101 to 200 guests $850
201 to 300 guests $900


We must receive payment in full when you schedule your wedding. The payment is not refundable. We accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover cards.

Thorncrown Chapel only provides the facilities, a minister for your wedding, and a soundperson. However, you may desire a photographer, flowers, candelabras, musicians, minister (if staff minister is not used), reception, rehearsal dinners etc. These are all available locally in Eureka Springs.

Facilities and Equipment

The chapel and grounds are available for your use. A piano, a sound system, cassette and CD players, recorded wedding music, small restrooms, and an office with a full length mirror are offered for your convenience at no extra charge. No warranty is made as to their condition or suitability for your wedding. The chapel is not responsible if any of these are not available due to breakage, bad weather, etc.

Any decorations brought to the chapel must be approved prior to the wedding day. Please, no asparagus ferns. For safety reasons, please do not use an aisle runner and have your flower girl use silk petals.

Not provided are: a reception area, organ, or drive up access. The chapel is 250 feet down a pathway from the parking lot. Vehicles may not come closer. Local motel/hotels are recommended for dressing rooms and reception areas.

Thorncrown Staff

A full time minister is available to conduct your service. There is no additional charge, however if you are pleased, a gratuity is welcomed. Should you decide to use the chapel minister, you must listen to a Christian marriage counseling CD which we provide for free. Listening to this CD is mandatory if you are to use the chapel minister. We will mail it to you two weeks before your wedding day.

We also provide a sound person to run our sound system for your wedding. Should you decide to bring your own music, please burn your selections to a single CD.

The Thorncrown Chapel music minister is also available to play or sing at your wedding for an additional charge. For more information click here.

How to Schedule Your Wedding

Early notice is helpful, especially during the summer months. From April 1st through October 31st weddings may be held either before the chapel opens to the public in the morning or after it closes in the afternoon. Chapel hours vary from month to month.

Please call to schedule the time for your wedding. (479-253-7401 If you get our answering machine, please leave your name and number and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.)

From November 1st through March 31st your wedding may be scheduled during any time of the day. (From April through November, the Worship Center is available most any time of the day or the evening depending on the size of the wedding.)

After you have scheduled your wedding, please sign and return the chapel reservation agreement and the reservation coupon.

Other Rules and Requirements

No smoking, food, or drinks are allowed on the chapel or Worship Center grounds. (Please be sure your guests are aware of this.) We only allow bird seed to be thrown. It may not be brought down the trail to the chapel or into the Worship Center. It must be distributed and thrown only in the parking lots. Bubbles are allowed but only in the parking area. Seating is limited in the chapel, so no more than 100 guests may be invited. The Worship center seats up to 300. The Chapel reserves the right to ask any guest to leave the premises immediately.

Please do not arrive before your scheduled time.

Marriage licenses must be obtained in the state of Arkansas. They may be obtained in any county courthouse. There is one in Eureka Springs. No blood test or waiting period is required. Thorncrown Chapel will not allow weddings that are not authorized by the laws of the state of Arkansas or that violate the by-laws of Thorncrown Chapel.

Out of state ministers must register their license at a county courthouse in the State of Arkansas prior to performing a wedding in the chapel. Guest ministers must send a copy of their wedding ceremony eight weeks prior to the wedding. Since Thorncrown Chapel is a Christian organization, all ceremonies must be Christ-centered and scriptural. The chapel reserves the right to refuse any ceremony or part thereof not in accordance with the by-laws of Thorncrown Chapel.

If you have any questions regarding your wedding, please call the chapel office: (479) 253-7401.